Provence & French Riviera: Tour de Taste, France

Join Viktorija for a tasting trip this July or October in Provence and the French Riviera: Tour de Taste, France.

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Provence Food and Wine

Pick up your copy of Provence Food and Wine today. It's ready to ship.

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The Sardinian Cookbook

Ajo! The cooking and culture of The Sardinian Cookbook was a nominated as finalist in the 2014 IACP Culinary Travel category. Pick up your copy of The Sardinian Cookbook today.

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Nice Cuisine and the Art of Living

Nice Cuisine and the Art of Living An interactive book for iOS. Also available as an eBook for Kindle.

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Wines of Puglia

Explore the Wines of Puglia with this interactive book for iOS.

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The Puglian Pasta Lady

She makes pasta super fast! She sings! Is there anything the Puglian Pasta Lady can't do?

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Get The Puglian Cookbook

The Chicago Tribune loves The Puglian Cookbook and so will you!

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Let's Make Homemade Cavatelli

Roll up your sleeves and follow along as Viktorija and Michelle make fresh cavatelli at home.

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Viktorija’s Secret

Many aren't familiar with the region of Puglia—the heel of the Italian "boot"—although it has the simplest, yet most flavorful cuisine in Italy. Listen in as Viktorija tells its secrets to the Culinary Historians of Chicago.

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WJJG Interview (in Italian)

Viktorija broke out in Italian for this interview with local Chicago radio station WJJG-AM 1530.

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Risotto Made Easy

Risotto is a simple dish, but the process of making it can be complex. There are only 4-5 steps in making risotto, but it is important to get each step right so your risotto is creamy and flavorful with just the right texture.

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Edible Postcards

Where would you eat if you had only one day in one of your favorite cities?

One of pleasures of travel is finding great places to eat. I usually leave home with some research and recommendations, but when I get to a new place, I love to walk around and observe where the locals congregate for their morning coffee or lunch. I also ask shop owners and baristas for recommendations, specifying that I want to know where they eat. I can spend most of the day searching for places to eat: food helps me get to know a place and its culture and people.

I wanted to share with you some of the eateries I have discovered during my travels. To make things simple, I asked myself where I would eat if I had only one day in one of my favorite cities. The edible postcards feature those places.

I hope they will inspire you not only to visit some of my favorite eateries, but also to seek out others, whether in your hometown or when you travel.

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